I am still so drowsy as I write this post. I was up at 2 am to watch the rematch of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Miguel Marquez. No regrets for sacrificing sleeping hours for it was a great fight. Both fighters brought their A game to the ring. It was a close match all through out, save for the 3rd round knockout by Pacquiao. I felt though that Marquez dictated the tempo of the bout, and at the first half of the match, I sensed hesitation in the moves of the Pacman. It was close as it could ever be, a split decision for Pacquiao to snatch the WBO Super Featherweight Belt from “Dinamita.”

I was glad that, except for the irritating presence of Chavit Singson, on the ring after the bout, no politicians tried to steal the limelight from Manny. But early in the morning, I just hated it that Chavit was trying to get into the frame with Pacquiao (umeextra pa kasi eh!) I was mighty glad that Pacquiao stopped greeting his “politico” friends. He just addressed his Filipino countrymen. He might have realized that politicians only spell trouble.

Every Pacquiao fight keeps every Filipino glued to their televisions, cinemas, restaurants to watch him conquer opponent after opponent. Even the fighting in the South declares a ceasefire when Pacquiao is on the ring. Zero criminality on the streets of the Metro. This string of 12 rounds that happens twice or thrice a year keeps the Filipino people in perfect harmony. Only Pacquiao has this unifying power nowadays. I thought that he may have lost it after he ran for Congress in last year’s elections. Thank heavens, HE LOST!!!

He may have his shortcomings but he makes his country proud. During the eighth round when his right eye was shut by blood flowing from cuts, he kept fighting. Blindly throwing his punches gallantly. Here was when he truly gained my respect.He has reestablished the Philippines back on the boxing map. He is really a great Filipino fighter.

Go Pacman! You rock!!


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