First of all, let me just present the loongest ever title of a post in the history of Moving Up!

Back to regular programming, let me call the subject of this post: THE BLOG…

THE BLOG has generated the biggest buzz in online history in the Philippines. I’m not in Manila, but I bet everybody is talking about it. And I mean everybody, coz Im even reading about it on the news. When I first read about it in a blind item, I was so intrigued. It was branded as the juiciest online telenovela to date. Talking about socialites whose pictures I see on glossy magazines or on the lifestyle pages of major broadsheets, gracing snazzy parties and events, one after the other… The stories were so indulging, to be able to catch a glimpse of what lives they allegedly live outside those pictures. I just had to be in the know. And Filipinos just LOOOVE chismis, in whatever shape, form or medium. Ayoko ngang mahuli sa balita…

When I first started reading, it was like turning page after page of a secret diary. Geez, this was a lawsuit waiting to happen.  A landmark case no less! But it was a venture swimming on very dangerous waters. Not only were the revelations very provocative, it involved very influential people..

But as I continued on, it didn’t matter to me if these stories were fact or fiction. As I clicked post after post, the depictions made me sadder and sadder. Realizations came one by one… All the glitz and glamour cannot mask a lonely life. You can chill at the hippest places, party night after night, wear the most expensive clothes, shoes or make-up but still end up wanting more. These things can never make life complete.

The deepest darkest open secret of mankind is finally revealed. The rusty, age-old cliche… Money cannot buy happiness.

As I zoom back to Earth, amidst the crazy weather of Utrecht, I look around and say to myself… I am happy to be extraordinarily ordinary.

Im happy people dont read about my life in the newspaper. 

I’m happy to wish for nice things.

I’m happy to have big dreams.

Im happy to have a chance to work hard to reach them.

Im happy my parents did not give me everything I asked for.

 I’m happy with my simple joys in life.

Im just happy to be me…


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