The Keukenhof… I have heard about this garden from my dad a gazillion times. He said specifically to visit this garden as soon as spring stepped in. And yesterday, was the day that I came face to face with the most beautiful array of flowers these eyes have ever seen!!

From Utrecht, we took a train to Leiden with five of my schoolmates. It was a girls’ day trip on a Monday…

After a cup of coffee, we got our combi tickets to the Keukenhof, which included a two way bus ticket and entrance to the garden for 19 euros. This proved to be convenient because when we arrived at the Keukenhof, there were long queues to the ticket booth. The bus ride was about 20 minutes to Lisse. It got me all excited as I caught glimpses of the tulip fields. Wow striped fields of purple, blue, yellow, red, all colors imaginable.. Like a rainbow field!

So, we arrive at the Keukenhof… I will stop typing now. Marvel at the sights…

We were absolutely crazy over the flowers, clicking our cameras left and right!! Now as you can see, how can you blame us?

By 2pm we were hungry, and I had a slice of pancetta pizza, the best I have tasted in the Netherlands so far. It was a celebration of sorts for me to step on tulip land. This deserves a bottle of Coke!!

Oh by the way, the theme of this year’s exhibition is the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I was searching for an Olympic logo. Here it is, with my Chinese friends posing beside it.

Oh, of course… The Dutch windmill. Gotta have a picture of that!

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. The weather was perfect, and I saw my most favorite flower of all time! Had a great pizza, fun company and a bottle of Coke, what more could I ask for?

For more pictures, visit my flickr site.



    • michecesa says:

      Hi Ririnpalada,

      Thank you for visiting my site. Walking at the Keukenhof was like a dream. It opens only during springtime. I’ve never seen so many tulips in my life. You should see it to believe.

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