I have a lot of things to blog about. But thanks to my dad’s tip, this probably beat all the others for my first post of the day.

Watch this…

and this…

The Pinoy has always had the musical beat and rhythm deeply ingrained in our core. Slowly, the international scene is slowly recognizing us as a force to reckon with. After Charice Pempengco wowed Ellen Degeneres and now will appear in an upcoming Oprah show, welcome these new faces in Britain’s Got Talent. Madonna Decena and half-Filipino Charlie Green.

Madonna moved to Britain to work for a better life for her two daughters back home in the Philippines. It is an ordinary sad story for every Filipino home that has waved goodbye to at least one relative to find a better living elsewhere in the world. It’s so ordinary and normal, it sounds almost like a broken record. But hearing Madonna deliver such a wonderful performance, you can hear the hurt in her voice, as loud as you can hear her hopes to be together with her children. I was shedding tears as I heard her sing. Even if it was yet again, a Whitney Houston song, which is a favorite in almost every singing contest, big or small, all over the Philippines. Hers was a soulful rendition, none of those “birit” modes that I have gotten tired of hearing. No thanks to Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez for making it TOO popular.

Thanks to Miyam210, I was able to catch a video of Charlie Green. This 10 year old resurrection of Frank Sinatra, is born of a Brit father and a Filipina mother, who hails from Cebu. The musical genius came from his Filipino lineage, no doubt! He is absolutely adorable! His moves and swoon would sweep any lady off her feet! Even at 10, the judges predicted that Charlie will make it all the way to the top! Cheers Charlie!

Watching the British audience gasp in awe during Madonna’s audition and sway to Charlie’s tune made me feel proud to be Pinoy. And I cant help to let out a little chuckle.  Those people in the audience were so astonished. Little did they know how many girls in the Philippines could sing like that. Yup, a lot of us can hit those high notes with ease hehehe… Had they known too that Charlie was half-Filipino, they should be warned of a Pinoy invasion on BGT!

Madonna, A YES from Simon and a wink to go with that? That was priceless! Charm them more, and good luck! See here the opinion of the musical genius in our family about Madonna’s performance on BGT. Long live the Filipino talent!

To Charlie, making Simon snap and sway was a rare feat. You got the audience thrilled! Good job!



  1. miyam210 says:

    There is another Filipino in BGT. He is a half-pinoy/half-british 10 year old boy (mom is full Filipina)named CHARLIE GREEN who IMHO is more impressive than Madonna. He not only sings well but can also dance, play the keyboards, guitar and flute. Search for his video in youtube or click this link:

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