The wind has blown the good weather towards Utrecht nowadays. It was my birthday wish to at least have perfect weather on my special day. Well, guess what?? My wish came true!!

So just how did I spend it? At a pancake house in the middle of the forest! It was about a 30 minute leisure walk from our building and my friends were so sweet to take me to the much-talked about Theehuis Rhijnauwen. I’ve long been intrigued by this place because students in the Uithof have been raving about it. During one of our long walks, my roommate and I chanced upon it and I quickly fell in love with the location. It was a gem!

The scenery on our way there was marvelous in the perfect weather. This was the walkway leading to the restaurant.

After walking quite a long way, our eyes brightened as we saw the big red barnhouse. I swore that I could smell the pancakes from meters away! I was so hungry!!

We had hoped to find a table outside to bask in the sun, but no vacant table was in sight.

The veranda? Full too!

So we settled in the indoor dining area… I hastily ordered a pancake with bacon, ham, haricots verts, onions, bell peppers.. Quite a bunch! And when it came, wow!!

Yummmmy!! And when I drizzle it with the CSM Keukenstroop, which tasted nothing like maple syrup. It was sweet and savory at the same time. Can I say it again? Yummmmy!!!!

I guess the waiter overheard that it was my birthday. First, she went over to our table and greeted me, shook my hand and wished me a great day. I was thrilled. Then I went all giddy when she came back with a birthday cake, or should I say cupcake, complete with birthday candles!!! Another wish coming true!

One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted!

We were all serious as we devoured all the food. The trek to the restaurant was worth it! Then we took a quick stroll around the block. This place was amazing. There were canoes for rent if you wanted to row a boat gently down the stream. Or just laze under the sun and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

I love this tree

From the other side of the stream

A view from the dock

Well, this will go down in history as one of the best meals I’ve had in Utrecht. And now, I have a new favorite place. Im sure to come back here soon



  1. Janel says:

    It’s one of my fave places here in Utrecht! I’m particularly grateful as they sell gluten-free ones 🙂

    Janel, an American in Utrecht for nearly 6 years

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