Finally, the much talked about Charice Pempengco performance on Oprah aired yesterday. The episode was entitled “World Smartest Kids.” From what I read, Charice was the eldest in the bunch. However, she created the biggest impact with her powerful rendition of the Whitney Houston classic, “I Have Nothing,” which, in my opinion is the most challenging of all Whitney’s hits.

Charice was once again brilliant! Her vocal prowess is impeccable. Not once did her voice miss a note. And her stage presence is perhaps her strongest point. She knows fairly well how to use her stage. She just makes it HER stage. Her mother taught her well.

I just hope she would be less of a singer for “show” and more of a soulful songstress. I hope too that she never loses her zest for performing. Everytime I watch her, she gives me the goosebumps. 100% guaranteed!

Charice will continue to make waves as that powerful voice trapped in a diminutive frame. I am so proud of the Filipino talent! Wahhooo!

For a glimpse at Charice’s performance, follow this link:




  1. Olive says:

    Yes, can’t get enough of it. I live here in Jordan, where Oprah is usually shown later. I have been watching Oprah since the day i learned about Charice’s guesting on that show. Unfortunately, as of this writing, no news yet on when it’ll be aired in MBC 4, an Arab satellite channel. Hope i’ll not miss it.

    Way to go Charice! keep it up!

  2. michecesa says:

    thanks olive for visiting my site.

    you can have ur charice fix on youtube. she’s such a huge internet star!

  3. michecesa says:

    i just watched charice’s oprah appearance. she made me tear up! again!

    heard she performed in the MGM Grand Opening and received a standing ovation. charice just gets people on their feet!


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