My blog hit the 15,000 mark. Hehehehe, I make a big deal of it, after every 5,000th view. But I haven’t had time to update this site. Anyway, just for a prelude? What has been happening during that week when Moving Up! achieved another milestone? I went to Vienna, returning there after two years. How much has changed? Did I feel nostalgic upon returning to the first European city I have ever visited?

I also dropped by Bratislava. What was it like? …

I also travelled to Arnhem to visit the open air museum. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? None of the gloomy, spooky museum atmosphere…

On other fronts, while the Dutchies are basking in the glorious sun, Justine Henin retired from professional tennis, notwithstanding her firm hold on the #1 spot of the world rankings. Quite a peculiar decision, but wise nonetheless. Quit while you’re hot! 😀

David Cook ran away with the title as the seventh American Idol, winning by a landslide of 12 million votes over namesake David Archuleta. From the other side of the world, this news was nothing compared to the limelight stolen by Reynaldo Lapus during the finale.  He performed his original composition, a song (or more like a chant to me) entitled “You are My Brother”, complete with the marching band and cheerleaders of the University of South California. I saw it just now. What a production number! It  is hilarious. But I commend him for his guts!!! For sure, he made a mark for himself. Another claim to fame of a Filipino talent. Weird, out of this world… Unique!

Watch it here…

Both House, M.D. and Gossip Girl aired their smashing season finale last week! You all should see it! House is becoming more and more human, but snaps back to his old scroogy self in the nick of time. It’s heartwarming to see his flashes of insanity (humanity)

While Gossip Girl gives us a bit of everything in its last episode for the season.  Blair and Chuck hook up, Nate and Chuck kiss and make up. Serena succumbs to her old bad girl self. Dan breaks up the perfect loveteam. The bitch called Georgina is thrown to reformatory school, and Lily, in a most wonderful bridal gown, and Rufus, profess undying love to each other, yet say goodbye.

I’ll miss these two series, and await their return! 

Stay tuned for more… Soon!!



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