Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, with a population nearing half a million. From a top view, you can view the greeneries of Austria, and the mountains of Hungary.

I visited Bratislava on my last day in Vienna. I took an hour bus ride to get to Bratislava. It was a Sunday morning. No people in sight, except drones of tourists walking in groups. I liked it this way, walking around a museum/town.

Let me guide you through the streets of Bratislava, with my photos and a little bit of narrative…

In the beginning of the tour, I was skeptical of Bratislava, hearing only of the big Bratislava castle as the main tourist attraction. And from the highway, I could already catch a glimpse of it, standing atop a hill. It was a long uphill climb to the top.

Up close, it was huge!


From the castle, looking down, you can have the most wonderful views of the Danube..

Here you also see the bridge that connects Bratislava to Vienna..

The River Danube



What else was there to see?

A lot of churches… It surprised me that Slovakia was predominantly Roman Catholic. Hence, Bratislava was laced with churches left and right.

A view of St. Martin’s cathedral, the largest Catholic church in Bratislava.

You can see at the bottom right, a statue of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, one of the well-loved saints in this part of Europe.

All around were interesting buildings in all shapes and sizes. It was a charming and quaint town. Frozen in time…

And in every square you find in a city in Europe, you will always bump into a fountain…

or two…



What particularly amused me about Bratislava are those interesting bronze or tin statues, popping out of inconspicuous corners. It gave the city a most charming vibe. I had a hay day snapping pics of them…

The bystander

Man (and) hole

The tin man

The lonely old man..

I also loved that things were so cheap in Slovakia. They will be  using their local currency, the Koruna, which is equivalent to 30 eurocents, till the end of 2008. But they widely accept the euro as payment. A scoop of gelato was 15 eurocents. A beer one euro, and a bottle of coke in a mid-level resto costs less than 2 euros. Love it!!

The lunch was part of the tour, so we had chicken with mushroom sauce, rice pilaf and potatoes, Not bad… I doubt though, that this was typical Slovak food.

I especially wanted to thank the models in most of my pics, a lovely Jordanian family, who were so friendly to me during our tour. Their son was such a darling, and a natural in all of my photos!

Ooooh I want that cam…

At five, he already had his own digital camera. So, he could take his hands off his dad’s Canon 20D.

Bratislava has become one of my favorite cities. It’s a gem along the Danube.

For citytours from Vienna to Bratislava, visit

This tour costs 39 euros, including a return bus ride, pick-up at your hotel, drop off at the State Opera House and a hearty lunch. It was worth every buck!






2 thoughts on “BRATISLAVA

  1. Robert S says:


    Just want to thank you for a wonderful job. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now (am a Bedan, Batch 89).

    Am in the US Navy and was stationed in Panzer Kaserne, near Stuttgart back in 2001-2003. Actually went to Vienna 6 times, that’s how much I enjoyed the place.

    Well, regards from San Diego. Ingat


  2. michecesa says:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Vienna is really an awesome place. I love it more everytime.

    Hope you never get tired reading!

    All the best!

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