Charice wows the crowd at the MGM, and has a new number one fan, in world renowned composer/songwriter, David Foster!

Follow these links to witness yet another milestone in her career:

I watched these videos several times and I couldn’t help but marvel at Charice’s stage presence, how she held herself up to that huge crowd. In the Philippines, you couldn’t amass that kind of crowd in any venue. (the hugest is in the Araneta) She sang flawlessly with a live symphony. I’m thinking how much more she will improve under the wing of THE David Foster. I particularly loved this rendition of her of the Dreamgirls theme, “And I am Telling You.” She’s oozing with finesse. At 16, this gives her the upper hand. She’s zooming all the way to the top!!!

Notes on the performance: 

You could see even from the scratchy video how Foster adored Charice. From the gush in his voice while introducing her and the smile on his face while he accompanied her in singing. 

I love Charice’s dress. She looks dainty and pretty…

I almost forgot how beautiful the intro of “I Have Nothing”. With just the opening keys to the song, my tears were welling up!

I dont know, watching Charice performs makes me emotional. How many people can go from losing a child popstar television contest, getting posted from Youtube, guesting in Oprah to standing by a grand piano, with David Foster playing your song??? Her journey is not likely to happen to anyone. She is really some piece of talent!

Now, I will baptize myself as a true fan. You will never stop finding things here about her latest conquests hahaha

The ongoing saga of the diva named Charice continues….




  1. anne Bartee says:

    Hi: I don’t have a comment on your voice but I do on your Wardrobe,,,It sucks,,, you dress like a 5 or 10 year old not a 16 teenager,,,ever see High School Musical or miley Cyrus?? geta stylist,, and your hair needs stylist,,,a long shag and those baby barretts ,,, get real,,, your mom needs a makeover too ,,,if you want to pull off this marketing,,, your mom didn’t give you that voice,,, your mom can’t sing,,, get a stylist….

  2. michecesa says:

    Hi Anne,

    Well you shouldve seen the stuff they made Charice wear in her performances in the Philippines. You might have rolled over!

    But this does not take away the fact that she is an amazing singer. That voice will make you look beyond the outfits!

  3. rachelle maghilom says:

    she delivered her skills and talents fearlessly, simple and yet so brialliance …awesome and >…jawdropping crowds worldwide…amazing …vows to the kids as the proverbs say out from the mouth of a babes coming forth wisdom.

  4. airegin says:

    i like what you wrote here about Charice. i feel the same way. even just seeing the legendary David Foster on the piano accompanying Charice is already mind-boggling for me. I used to see David Foster’s name on the liner notes on jazz albums during the 80’s. Her’s is a fascinating journey indeed

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