The NCAA has some aces up its sleeves, still, with less than a month to go before the opening of Season 84 of the Seniors Men’s Basketball Division.

From Waylon Galvez’s article at the Manila Bulletin entitled “PCU Allowed a Graceful Exit“, I quote,

The investigation led to more verification that others also committed falsification of documents, including Victor Miguel Oliveros, Jundell Navaja, James De Gano and Elvin Jake Pascual.

Importante, Oliveros, Navaja and De Gano were banned in the NCAA, while the MANCOM will decide on Pascual, a reserve player for two-time champion San Beda College, during its eligibility meeting on June 10.”

As most of us know, Jake Pascual served out one year of eligibility with San Beda. This was an offshoot of a ruling issued by the NCAA Mancom for players of the controversial PCU Juniors team to sit out a year of eligibility, reminiscent of a similar “Rivera Rule” in the UAAP. (For more details, check out a relevant post.)

After this sanction, they will still have to reexamine’s Jake’s status in the Seniors’ Division?? To my knowledge, Pascual, with the assistance of San Beda, has declared to the best of his knowledge the circumstances of his stint with PCU. He was well within the age of eligibility. He graduated a bona fide student of PCU High School. How could he be ineligible to play in the Seniors’ Division?

Then again, the MANCOM and the Policy Board have been notorious with their inconsistent rulings, and reactive policies, with crab mentality written all over these provisions. The two import rule, the Aljamal incident, the PCU case decided till the very LAST MONTH, the list goes on and on… How then can they declare through the skin of their teeth the camaraderie and unity among the NCAA schools, when in fact they just claw against each other in the board room??

These developments are very sad, especially for a talented player like Pascual, an NCAA Juniors MVP and one of the exciting names to watch out for in the upcoming season. These players can never fully execute the hocus pocus of identity switching, etc. on their own. The perpetrators are left unsanctioned and the poor players are left to public scrutiny and made to pay for the mistake, possibly putting their future of a quality education and a lucrative profession at stake.  One of life’s saddest stories, indeed. Let me tell you these shady policies and rulings do not win ballgames. So leave the freaking battle on the hardcourt, where the game should be played. It is sickening for hardcore fans to realize that the roots of corruption has invaded the spirit of competition in college basketball.

Interesting, interesting times…

I remember an expository speech I did in college, saying that the main reason why basketball remains the favorite sport of Filipinos is that the basketball game is the microcosm of the Filipino society itself. I am more and more convinced now that this observation is true.

So to the NCAA ManCom and Policy Board, what new rule are you cooking up now?

Special thanks to Gider of for the photo.



  1. boredtoday says:

    astig blog mo ate, parati ako nagbabasa dito.

    ON TOPIC: siguro papayagan si jake ng mancom, pero limited minutes, like 2 mins per quarter. hahahah, you’ll never know, with mancom anything’s possible.

  2. michecesa says:

    thanks for always checking out my site… im flattered hahaha…

    anyway, mukhang interesting ang last few weeks before the start of the season for our red lions…


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