The San Beda Red Lions have been having quite a rough and wily time in the last stretch of the off season leading up to the NCAA season set to open on June 28.

Team San Beda came back strong from their US training stint with wins against UE  and NU in the FIloil tournament and beating Lyceum in the Nike Summer League.

Just this week, San Beda relinquished their spotless record in both leagues, succumbing to back-to-back losses to unheralded San Sebastian and the daunting UE Red Warriors.

San Sebastian beat San Beda in overtime, Wednesday afternoon, relying on heroics of Dave Najorda, Pamboy Raymundo, and PBL veteran Jim Viray. On the other hand, San Beda fell short of overcoming a 24 point lead in the 4th quarter to lose against UE.

The schedule for the Red Lions had been very rough. I dont think they have recovered fully from their US training. After a three week intensive training regimen 6days a week, they flew back to Manila, and had in their faces, a very hectic playbill in both the Filoil and Nike leagues. After all the preparations for Season 84, they really need the rest!

While the Bedan faithful are up in arms after the back-to-back losses this week, good things are coming up. Lessons learned, new faces stepping up, new heroes in the making. I am glad to see the new combinations that Coach Frankie Lim is concocting during the pre-season. The big names, Ekwe, Escobal, Hermida and Menor are stepping aside to give their teammates a lion’s share of the limelight. Players off the bench are stepping up to the plate. The likes of Lanete, Pascual, Tecson, Taganas, Taupa, Gamalinda and Decena (who showed a lot of potential during the game against UE) are giving a refreshing new look to the Red Lion offense. I am also sure that these closely-fought games will build the character and grace under pressure of these young guns.

With the mysterious disappearance of Emeka Udo (I, for one, am highly doubting his return to Philippine shores), it seems that the Red Lions are pulling off a surprise just in time for the opening of NCAA. Who will fill his spot in the 15 man roster? Will Frankie Lim pluck out from his old list of reliables from Team Behold or yet, another secret weapon? What new plays are in store for the NCAA wars? Many questions left unanswered. This is good, leaving the competition baffled and guessing…

A lot of adjectives have been tagged with the Red Lions, since they began to reign supreme in 2006. Unbeatable, fancied, bull-strong… but now they are, in more ways than one, UNPREDICTABLE! I’m loving it!

Days fly fast, 23 days to go from the opening tip-off.  To the rest of the NCAA, be afraid… Be very afraid… The Lions will enter their title defense, roaring for more! DYNAS-THREE!


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