How can I claim to be a sports fan, if I never watch football? And now I stay in a football crazy continent, it’s such a shame, isn’t it?

Yesterday, I was walking around the campus, leading to the local convenience stores. The beer shelves were empty, everybody hoarding all the bags of chips they can find. There were orange shirts all around. It could only mean one thing, the Dutchies are playing in the Eurocup.

True enough, they play defending World Cup champs Italy. I just wanted to be in the loop. I tuned in to watch. Actually, you would know if Oranje scores, coz the entire campus erupts in wild cheers. This campus is such a ghost town at night. It was a joy to hear people shouting in unison.

Netherlands went on to win the match 3-0, finally beating Italy for the first time in thirty years. What a feat! I must be so lucky to catch these games. I have seen two soccer matches in my life. The last one was the 2006 World Cup. I watched it at the Alliance Francaise de Manille at 2 a.m. I swear to high heavens I was sleeping through the entire of the second half, until Zinedine Zidane surged onto Italy’s Materazzi. He was charged with a red flag, keeping him from playing in extra time. People say that that final was one of the most cardiac matches in recent history. And I was there!!!

Let’s see how far I can stretch the Eurocup fever. A great start for the Netherlands.. I will be watching…


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