Ooooh, the NCAA ManCom is my newly crowned flavor of the month… I love jeering at them during the games. I think I’m missing them too much.

Fearful that nasty incidents will happen again this year, the NCAA ManCom is trying to improve their set of rules with spanking new policies. This is according to the latest news articles that came out in the major dailies. (Check out the Inquirer with NCAA Learns its Lessons–No More Gray Areas , Manila Bulletin’s NCAA Acts to Avoid Scandals and Philstar’s NCAA Okay’s Bid of PBA Draft Hopefuls)

Don’t you just love it when people who play demi-gods realize they are but mortals? Ho-hummmm

Many sports fans lament the interference of court orders in the playing court. But you see, some people need to be taught their lessons. Drafting rules requires a little bit of mental process. First, they should make the rules apply to all, and not only to particular individuals or situations. Konting foresight naman. Second, they should be clear and unambiguous. Third, the drafters themselves should be able to explain what the rules mean. Hmmm, if you wear your rubber shoes, hold a basketball on a basketball court, it’s considered playing a game/tournament outside the NCAA!!! Whaaaat?

For reference to the above statement, watch it on Youtube.

The eligibility of Jake Pascual still hangs by a very slim thread. The ManCom made another postponement of their decision till June 16, a mere week and a half before the season starts.  They have made amends with PCU, taking them back into the tournament with open arms, however leaving  Pascual behind. The players who were banned from the NCAA, used different names and submitted false documents to the league. Pascual submitted an affidavit to explain to the best of his knowledge what was going on inside PCU. Pascual did not use a different name. He was well within the age ceiling. Then he  is deemed to suffer the same fate as  the others??  

Wondering like you do, what could have happened if he decided to play elsewhere??… Your guess is as good as mine.

Then again, it still doesn’t make sense to me. Please please, explain it to me like I’m a two year old!!

I hope that the ManCom is shaping up, with their eyes open with wisdom (??) … And really trying to avoid another stint with their dear old friend. Spell it with me, like in kindergarten, T…R…O…


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