Kaboom! My favorite bunch of PE Teachers-slash-Athletic Moderators has not failed me. This appeared in the Manila Bulletin today.

NCAA may ban SBC’s rookie star


Find the entire article in http://www.mb.com.ph/SPRT20080619127695.htmlThe article reads in part:

“The Management Committee of the NCAA is likely to ban San Beda rookie Elvin Pascual from competing in the 2008 edition of the country’s oldest collegiate tournament for his involvement in the falsification of his high school documents two years ago…
Pascual was one of the five high school players from Philippine Christian University who were found to have “doctored” their papers in order to play for their team…
 Pascual, who won the Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year award in 2006, served a one-year residency with SBC last season and played in several pre-season tournaments….”

Their logic is making me so mad!! The ones who “doctored” the papers was the school and not Pascual. What kind of involvement can a third year high school student like Pascual have in a falsification attempt, except that the falsified document is his??? He was even a minor at the time this all happened. Hindi dinoctor yan. Who instigated this scheme anyway? You think it was Pascual’s brilliant idea? And the school is admitted and welcomed back into the tournament, and Pascual, sanctioned???

All the other four teammates of Pascual who were earlier banned in the NCAA were found to have used different birth certificates to prove their identity. One even used a cousin’s certificate to establish his eligibility. In the meanwhile, Pascual, and I have mentioned this in a previous post, was said to have been asked to repeat his third year in high school, to be able to play for two years with the Baby Dolphins. If this was in the same gravity of the wrongdoing imputed on his other teammates, he should have been penalized at the same time with the others. If they decided last year that they were banning Pascual anyway, he could have found refuge in another UAAP school. But then, having to sit out one year residency and finding out then that he would be banned as well, that is definitely a graver punishment for a less serious offense. 

I have re-read my previous posts about this case. I really do sound like a broken record. Let me continue…. hehehe

I have seen the rules of the NCAA myself. Both its constitution and by-laws do not indicate much. These people at the MANCOM claim they have rules but in fact, they have none really written. Then they face the press saying we have this rule.. and this… and that… I really wonder where they keep the rules they have been talking about. Baka nakalista lang sa maliit na notebook na parang utang. Or locked safe in a time capsule buried off the coast of the Babuyan Islands.

The NCAA is the oldest collegiate league in the Philippines. Over the years, there are people now flushing the rich tradition of the league down the drain. Kung patakbuhin ninyo ang NCAA, parang inter-barangay. The oldest active member, with a representative in the boardroom, is bullied around in there, one too several times already. I lament that the schools the other powertripping members come from did not have respect injected into their school curricula.

Maybe Bedans are way too sentimental. But because we value brotherhood/sisterhood to the core. It is a huge part of who we are. Before I officially became a Bedan, I marveled at how my Bedan dad or brother or cousin would say hi or hello to some guy they meet at the mall. Then when we go past, I would ask them, kaklase mo?, then they answer, hindi ko nga siya kilala pero alam ko Bedista yan. They may be mayabang, matakaw, but these simple encounters spoke to me of what a Bedan is truly made of. This was the sole reason why I never even batted an eyelash entering the San Beda College of Law. I just wanted to become a Bedan.

Others from the inside looking in would say we are again overreacting, like we have done before in the Aljamal incident, resorting to legal recourse. I just have one thing to say, if you were in the same position, you would also be crying FOUL. And to those who say, what if Pascual came to another school, would San Beda be leading the move to ban Pascual? I say, NOT EVEN. This controversy would be non-existent! Besides, San Beda has no time digging into deep holes. Coz we simply have other things to do.

There is a very small flicker of hope that the policy board, supposedly the saner collegial body in the NCAA, would cast a spell of wisdom on this very ill-advised decision. Coz the NCAA needs serious salvation. Brotherhood, camaraderie, are words long dropped from the vocabulary of the NCAA. Every year, all they think about is coming up with an unoriginal slogan, “proud and true@82, soar high and free@83, to the fore@84″ A mambo-jambo of words will not hide the fact that these dirty antics are pushing the NCAA an itsy bitsy step closer to Forgetful Lane. “Brotherhood” in the NCAA is dead. Long dead.





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