NCAA Bans San Beda’s Pascual

by Josef Ramos

20 June 2008

See the original article at http://www.inboundpass.com/2008/06/20/ncaa-bans-san-bedas-pascual/

Excerpts of the article: “THE Management Committee of the National Collegiate Athletic Association has barred 2006 juniors Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Elvin Jake Pascual from playing in the coming seniors basketball tournament for reigning champion San Beda College.

Mancom chairman Ding Lozano of host Mapua told inboundpass.com last June 19, 2008, that he has already informed San Beda of the decision to ban Pascual due to his involvement in falsification of public documents two years ago…”

The worst of Jake Pascual’s nightmares is real. He was banned by the ManCom to play in the NCAA Seniors’ Division. After the angst that I have been feeling for days about this issue, now I feel sad. Very sad.

Sad for Pascual whose involvement in this fiasco was solely his sheer tenacity to secure a college education in prestigious Manila. As a young man in his teens, he has nothing to offer in exchange for tuition fees, other than his exceptional basketball skills…

Sad for the ManCom, who are probably jumping to high heavens that they have got San Beda screwed to the wall, coz what they really did was to expose their best skills to the general public. Skills to concoct evil schemes and to further degrade the league…

Sad for San Beda, coz we continue to affiliate ourselves with this league that clearly does not want us in it. Forget that we are the lone school that rakes the money into the league’s bank. Forget that we are the reason why the league continues to enjoy a regular TV broadcast. Forget that the excellent performance of San Beda is the reason why the NCAA still has headline stints in major dailies. Forget all that, coz this league will disintegrate faster than you can say “To the Fore @ 84″…

Fr. Mateo de Jesus has appealed to the “kind hearts” of the members of the Policy Board to extend to Pascual the same compassion that they extended to PCU. I’m hoping against hope that this will happen.

So I appeal to my fellow Bedans to act now and stand up for our Bedan brother, Jake Pascual. Check http://www.bedista.com or the Red Lions’ Den at http://www.gameface.ph for details.

Courage, Jake Pascual.

Animo San Beda!


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