This appeared in the Daily Tribune today

No more court interventions in NCAA


by Julius Manicad

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Reeling from controversies last year, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) recently moved to discourage members in seeking legal redress in trying to resolve critical internal issues.

Members of the league’s board have agreed to formalize what at first was a “gentlemen’s agreement,” with all presidents of the eight member schools signing in the pact…”

*Breathing deeply*

Now, I think I could inject more logic into this ManCom spectacle if I put myself in their shoes. LET’S ASSUME…

I am ManCom member X. After reviewing all the documents before me, I know that Jake Pascual deserves to play this season. But then I look around the room, everybody votes against it. So I raise my hand in agreement with their decision. Then, I support my co-members to make press statements about a GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENT… Hmmm, useless, still no logic.

What is a gentlemen’s agreement, anyway? Simple, guys.. An agreement among gentlemen. From the literal meaning, even a second grader can judge that the Mancom and the Policy Board has broken it, BIGTIME! As I said in another forum, the operative word is GENTLEMEN. Kung hindi kayo gentlemen, walang agreement.

You cannot tie down the hands of one party, forging an agreement not to bring court cases against each other. Then you do something stupid, unfair, UNJUST. My dear ManCom friends, the world does not revolve around your gentlemen’s agreement. You were the first ones who broke the trust among your peers. You now face the world, waving that gentlemen’s agreement high???

According to Manicad’s article, the “powerful” Policy Board was FURIOUS about the TRO secured by San Beda for Yousif Aljamal last year. Get furious all you want. We’re furious too. Now, we’re even.

Teka, NCAA, sino kayong korte para magsabing bawal na mag-TRO?  First, you play god. Now, you play judge? The role playing continues…



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