Only Manny Pacquiao can wake me up at 2am and scour the Net for a live broadcast of his fights. Once again, I rose up at the break of dawn (coz it begins to be bright here in Utrecht at 4am) to witness a historical feat in Pacquiao’s career, to be the first Filipino lightweight champion of the world.

He was a challenger to David Diaz’s throne. He had to go up a weight class. He was supposedly the underdog. But the entire of Mandalay bay chanted his name, “Manny, Manny”.. Las Vegas was Pacquiao territory.

Round after round, Manny asserted his supremacy, showing the whole world he was worthy to be the top pound for pound fighter of boxing. He landed jab, hook, and uppercut, danced in and out. The champion looked like an apprentice on that ring with Manny. His face tattered with cuts everywhere. The ninth round spelled title reign’s end for Diaz, as he fell flat on his face. This was the most masterful of all the fights I have ever seen of Manny. Commentators repeatedly said he reminded them of Ali. They came up with a new monicker for him — The Thrilla from Manila. He is truly a Filipino boxing legend.

A young boxer, 29 years of age, but already with almost fifty fights on his boxing card. A long 29 years to spell his name across the record books. It was a long uphill climb for a virtual unknown from General Santos City to the world’s best. I am proud to be Pinoy everytime I see Manny on the ring, no matter what he does off it. Mighty glad he is there, and not in the halls of Congress.

Mabuhay ka Manny!! You make our country proud…



  1. michecesa says:

    Hi Tyrone,

    Thanks for visiting my site. I do hope Manny will realize to walk away while he is on top of the world.

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