Another milestone of sorts: The hit counter reaches the 20,000 mark. Isn’t it awesome?? I have been keeping close watch on the stats, anxious until I see the magic number. I make a big fuzz of every 5,000 hit-sary, just to feel all proud that some people out there actually like my blog hahaha…

What are the recent events that mark this momentous occasion?? Hmmm… I am counting the days, hours, seconds till I finally hop on a plane for my much anticipated vacation to the Philippines, yey!!! Watching episode after episode of Weeds. Just right now, I am having an overdose of it. I might have to withdraw from it.. for tonight hahaha… I am about to close a dazzling career of studenthood, yet again… And soon I will enter a new world ahead, that awaits at the Hague. Many things are still in store for me. Some of them are to unfold as pleasant surprises. 

I like counting forward as much as I like counting back. A year and a week ago, I just received word that I was to trek the halls of Utrecht. A year has gone and I’m about to bid goodbye. Time flies fast, really… So till my next 5,000th hit, for sure, I will continue to move up..


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