During the humbling beginnings of Youtube, there was a pair of Chinese boys lipsync-ing to the tunes of Backstreet Boys. I laughed my heart out in each of their every production. It is only now that I look back to those times. It seemed so long ago.

Why, you may ask, did I go back in time to look back to this Chinese duo? Coz after all the hype, I finally came face to face with the new Youtube sensation and internet lipsync-ing duo Moymoy Palaboy. This time, the Moymoy Palaboy pair is homegrown Filipino, hardcore Pasay boys, who decided to crack into the Youtube craze and have themselves seen on cyberspace. I chanced upon an article in the Inquirer about them. But I ignored it. Now you can read on, to know more about them.  

Watch, if you haven’t already, how Filipinos can get down to it, the whole crazy spoofing that Moymoy Palaboy has turned into a craft. Presenting their infamous rendition of “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls…. Moymoy Palaboy!

Go Pinoy!

6 thoughts on “MOYMOY PALABOY

  1. Cheska says:

    Are u Filipino? Moymoy Palaboy are not two people. Moymoy is the first name and Palaboy is the second name. Roadfill is the other boy.

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