From the top, there stands a victor…Looking down at all his conquests… The defeated all look up.. Watching his every move… waiting for his next setback…

Ganon pala ang feeling ng champion.. Mahirap pala…

It’s not just 7 teams trying to snatch the crown.. It’s a host of other antagonists… Rule Books… ManCom.. Uniforms… Protests… Name it… In the NCAA, they’ve just got it all for us…

So, Bedans dear, wala nang turuan, wala nang sisihan. Tayo-tayo na lang ang magkakakampi dito. When lions are battling wounded, this is when they let out the loudest roar. Then let it be… Let this be the start of the rally… The rally of the rampaging Red Lions…

Kahit anong uniform pa yan, bali-baliktarin pa nila ang mundo… San Beda will paint the NCAA… RED… AND… WHITE..

And we will fight, till the fight is won!

Animo San Beda!


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