This uniform issue has taken the limelight from the basketball court, to play the latest craze and hottest pastime in Philippine Collegiate basketball, ” Who’s Wearing the Wrong Uniform?” * (In the vernacular, “Alin, alin, alin ang naiba? of Batibot fame)

Instead of burying their faces in shame, the NCAA has once again affirmed its inclusion in the Idiocy Hall of Fame. Inboundpass’ Christian Soler has made due reference to the NCAA in his article Idiocy 101:Enrollment Now Ongoing . After the brouhaha over Sam Ekwe’s Bantay Bata Jersey, there is news brewing that this new scheme has crossed over to the UAAP. A picture from Fabilioh.com shows that Vince Burke (in picture) and Kirk Long of the Ateneo Blue Eagles wore slightly different uniforms during their game against UP Fighting Maroons. Boy that sure sounds familiar… But NO NO NO NO NO… I have heard of this way too much already! I sincerely hope that this epidemic does not spill over.  Otherwise,  this spells doom for college basketball as we know it.

These sissy antics are dissing off hardcore fans from all sides of the basketball world. It’s really not funny. Come on! The people who even think about these maneuvering tactics are deviating the minds of ACTUAL basketball tacticians and the players on the court from what they came to play for. Really, these are not what legions of fans want to see or hear about. If we chose to care about useless non-sport related issues, we would just sit back, relax in the comforts of our home during Sundays at four o’clock in the afternoon and tune into local TV showbiz gossip.

But no, all we want is heartstopping hardcourt action without the dillydallying of powertripping league officials. You, league officials, have no place in the sport that all of us love. Kung wala kayong ibang magawa, umuwi nalang kayo at maglaba!

* Legend: “Who is Wearing the Wrong Uniform?” Game Mechanics:

Object: Within a distance of about 10 meters from the playing court, the contestant must spot the player who wears the wrong uniform from among his teammates.

Cheat code: Look closely at the positioning, presence or absence of the sponsors’ logo in the players’ jerseys. Compare and contrast.  

Prize:  Winner gets the chance to turn a convincing loss into an effortless win!

Exciting di ba? Join ka na!



  1. Christian Soler says:

    FYI: Vince Burke wore the 2008 Ateneo jersey, but minus the “Smart” logo on the right side of the jersey. Technically, it’s still the 08 jersey.

    In Ekwe’s case, the 07 jersey is quite different from the 08 version.

  2. Martial Arts Online Movies says:

    How often do you yourself play Basketball or do you just write about it?

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    Basketball greats you should write about next.

    • michecesa says:

      My reply will be a year and a half too late, but I noticed this comment just now.

      To answer your question, I can barely dribble the ball nor can I shoot it. I only write about it.

      Well, when this blog was active, thank you for telling me that it was syndicated through Google. I guess it’s up to them. Coz quite sincerely, I did not do anything extra to get it syndicated. I just composed and wrote my posts.

      Thank you for saying that this blog is popular. Hahaha, at least a number of people read it.

      About the basketball greats, I will give it serious thought. But I am not that much of an aficionado to know a lot of them greats. 😀

  3. michecesa says:

    Now I checked on google, it appears third on page 1, among the blogposts on wordpress. And on page 5, one of my actual posts. When you google for San Beda Red Lions.

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