Two items on the sports headlines made me laugh today..

That San Beda, after the uniform mishap in their game against the Saint Benilde Blazers, had five jerseys made for starting Nigerian center Sam Ekwe. It must have been a morale booster for Ekwe, as he replicated his 20 rebound performance in their game against UPHR. This also led the Red Lions in a dominating show of might at the rebounding department, averaging 63 boards in their last two outings. I liked how Frankie Lim put an end to all talks concerning the uniform issue, as he was quoted to have said that, We win as a team, and lose as a team. Ekwe has already apologized to the team for the incident.

CSB, on the other hand, has decided to file the formal protest on the improper uniform that Ekwe wore in that very controversial game. In a press statement, the CSB management, through management committee representative Henry Atayde, said that it is with a HEAVY HEART that they filed this protest. But it was done, they say, in due respect of the rules. Pleaaassse, acting like a righteous league official is definitely not one of your strongest points…

Yah yah yah… whatever, rules are rules… If this is what they think, so be it… Just get it done already. You have directed so much publicity back to the NCAA. Not for the basketball, but for scheming tactics and tasteless maneuvers…

So, have it your way. If you really want to win the championship this way, then cancel the entire season. Pagmitingan nyo nalang kung sino gusto nyo manalo. Papahirapan nyo pa kaming manood ng mga laro, ihohocus-pocus nyo lang pala.

Gawin nyo na lahat ng kaya nyo. Kami naman dito, cheer, fight, win pa rin…

Animo San Beda! Beat the NCAA!

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