Charice is soaring to new heights, to new places a Filipino performer has never been before.

First, she appeared in several TV shows all around the globe, including the performing live in front of the most powerful host in world television– Oprah…

Second, she found herself in a cast of big name artists put together by superstar producer/songwriter David Foster. She won hearts with her powerful voice and petite charm, and took home with her standing ovations, too!

Now, she travels to Tuscany and performs side by side with the GREAT Andrea Boccelli in what has become every Filipino wedding’s national anthem–The Prayer. She never fails to bring me to tears. In this rendition, she showed her pure vocal talent. Seamless, soaring.. I really think, that despite her young and raw talent, she proved her worth in her duet with Boccelli. I think that anybody who sings with Boccelli will sound fantastic. But then, one who sings with him is NOT..JUST..ANYBODY..

Thank heavens to the wonders of Youtube. We, Filipinos, could be repeatedly proud of our dear champion songstress.. CHARICE! Idol talaga kita



  1. michecesa says:

    Ohhh my!!

    I can’t believe it. I saw Charice in the flesh!! One morning that I was in the Dutch Embassy, she was there!

    I had a picture taken with her. I couldn’t control myself, I just had to!!

    That absolutely made my day…

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