Being in Manila has considerably lessened my time in front of the computer screen. I just realized, as soon as I exited the NAIA, how much personal interaction I missed during my time in the Netherlands. After early mornings spent watching the games of the Red Lions on skype via webcam, how is it different from watching the games live?

Beats of the drum, cheers from atop the bleachers, hearing the ball pounding on the hardcourt.. Despite having the lowly Pasay Astrodome as the backdrop, this was a heartstopping symphony… Yeah, this is what I came home for…

As in my previous post, I was inducted back into the Red Army during the San Beda Letran battle. We arrived at the venue early to watch the Red Cubs play the Squires. It was a sad loss by the Cubs to the powerful Squires led by the prolific Kevin Alas, but hearing the Bedan hymn was indeed music to my ears, goosebumps talaga… I am sooo back..

Then, the Bedan faithful started marching in… drones of red shirts trooping into the venue.. Lovely sight. Seeing familiar faces amongst the crowd really felt like a homecoming. I instantly felt the family spirit that you certainly will not get, sitting on your bed and eyes glued to the computer screen. Newbies in the Red Army are bewildered by the neighborhood atmosphere in the stands. But I’m sure this is what will get them to come back for more.

The SBCA is bigger, louder, stronger! With the same old drums, though.. But the alumni effort to revive the Bedan cheering tradition is slowly exuding from their performance. All it takes is patience.

The Animo Scarf is becoming a permanent fixture in every San Beda game. During that game, the kind souls behind this innovation distributed scarves! For free! All for the love of San Beda and building the illustrious ANIMO WALL! Okay Bedans, the way to build the Animo Wall is to raise the scarf UP!


Yes, that’s the way to do it…

(Photo courtesy of

The Red Lions, ushered in their second round blitz by beating PCU yesterday in a non-televised game 72-67. With the win, San Beda paces along with leagueleaders Letran and JRU.

Once again, the Red Lions shook off the rust from their 11 day break. It showed in their level of play and their execution was somewhat out of sync. However, it was still the championship experience and the reliable Ekwe-Escobal connection that delivered the goods for San Beda. Ekwe led the charge with  22 points, 18 rebounds. Escobal fired the backbreaker rainbow shot in the last minute to seal the win, finishing with 19 points and 8 rebounds. A special shout-out to surprise starters Jake Pascual and JR Tecson who did not let the coaches down, with brilliant performances to put up an able supporting cast to Ekwe, Escobal and the ever so nifty hands of Borgie Hermida.

This game was again a long, hard grind for the Red Lions, and to the sizeable crowd behind the bench. My voice went hoarse, cheering on the players in red and white, pointing relentlessly at the selectively blind refs and jeering at the PCU Dolphins. The dying minutes were pure agony, as the Dolphins just wouldn’t back down. But luckily, the Red Lions displayed their winning form in the endgame. Made me heave a sigh of relief.

This is just heaven for a comebacking member of the real live Red Army. No more disconnections, no more slow receptions, no more clicks on the refresh button… At least for the next month or so…

I will savor this, down to the very last drop.. 

And to the dismay of the opposition, I will chant and stomp to the beats of the Bedan drum, down to the very last roar.

Go San Beda Fight!


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