I am at a loss for words.. San Beda has done what seemed to be an insurmountable task. The Red Lions, clad in warmers with the number 13 on their backs, in support of their head coach Frankie Lim (Incidentally, Lim wore jersey #13 during his NCAA days) claimed their three-peat today against  the JRU Heavy Bombers. I couldn’t exactly recalled what happened. Everything was just a blur. I am back in front of my laptop, watching the game live on skype. My eyes almost crossing with the sketchy reception. But as soon as the final buzzer sounded, images of jubilant Bedans just brought me to tears. This, perhaps, beats the titles that came before. How the boys suffered and how they were forced to grow up and face the challenges ahead. Adversity was amongst them from the beginning of the season. But they came out the victors. We are once again the king of the NCAA jungle. Must I say, what a jungle the NCAA is.

To the fearless men behind this pursuit,

Samuel Ekwe, John Paul Escobal, Rogemar Menor, Jay-R Taganas, John Carlos Hermida, Eduardo Tecson, Jr., Riego Meinardo Gamalinda, David Paul Marcelo, Elvin Jake Pascual, Enrico Tirona, Jr., Kristoffer Ryan Taupa, Jerome Villanueva, Garvo Lanete, Ginno Soliman and Eduardo Canlas, a most heartfelt salute. Your courage brought us back on top.

And to the brilliant minds who guided and propelled this team to greater heights, Coaches Frankie Lim, JB Sison, Mike Advani, Ed Cordero, Bonnie Garcia, you were the lights along the dark tunnel. Hats off to you..

Thank you dear Lord for this victory. We offer this to you.

That in all things God may be glorified! With this mantra in mind and heart, gallantly San Beda fought.


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