Charice found herself a new number one fan… Oprah Winfrey…

Oprah is one among thousands who are enamored with the sweet charm and vocal prowess of 16 year old Filipina, Charice. Winfrey first guested Charice in her Smartest Kids episode. Her show was thereafter flooded with emails and phone calls wanting Charice back on the show. Just recently, Oprah did a more in-depth feature on the young songstress, tracing back her roots in San Pedro, Laguna where she grew up. The televiewers were given a glimpse of the hard life Charice had to go through and her almost miraculous pursuit to live her dreams.

Oprah then gifted her with her impossible dream, a chance to sing on stage with one of her greatest idols, Celine Dion. In front of thousands of screaming fans… in Madison Square Garden… Being the crybaby that I am, my tears never stopped falling from the first note. Charice just has this effect on me. Im sure most of you will just nod your heads while wiping your tears after watching this.

Didn’t I tell you so??



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