30,000 HITS

Wow!! Another milestone of milestones. My blog has been visited 30,000 times! That’s really something hahaha. Anyway, I haven’t had time or energy to write here lately. It’s a pity really. I just get so tired after work. Anyway, what has happened all around the world while some random surfer visited my site? Ohhh, Barack Obama becomes the next president of the United States. A lot of people are in awe that they lived to see that day. I am happy for the rest of the world. With all the expectations riding on the shoulder of this man, may he effect change in his ways. Not one man can do it, but certainly one man can start.

I have been in the Netherlands for over a year. Who would have thought I would leave footsteps in this faraway land? There are days that I wake up and I still can’t believe I am in Europe. That I lived my dream to study here and have a chance to work in an international organization. Even for a short stint, I did it. Man, I did…

So what is the thought that will guide me for the rest of this week? Dreams do come true. Seriously, you never know when you start living THE dream. But the first step lies in waking up from that dream and start making it reality..

One thought on “30,000 HITS

  1. NoBenedicto says:

    I am here in Northern Virginia, at the fore of the campaign battles between the Democrats and the Republicans. This part had been Republican since the 60’s and I tell you most of the Americans here did not expect that they will see an African American in the White House. Days before election with Obama winning in the polls there were still apprehensions that the so-called “Bradley effect” or “Wilder effect” might occur. This election had the most number of voters turn out with about 63% or more of the population voting.

    U.S. will never be the same. The global economic crisis is as evident here as in any part of the world. For my part I’ll take my stress release by watching the Wizards at the Verizon Center for their succeeding games which is one of those in my bucket list, I am not really a Wizard fan but watching the NBA live is one of those things I have to do before I kick the bucket (hopefully a long, long time from now). This would compensate for my inability to watch the best collegiate team in the Philippines our San Beda Red Lions live this Season 84.

    I hope that when I get home to our beloved Philippines our team, our Red Lions will still be there fighting for and winning more championships.

    Congratulations with your success michecesa.

    God bless us all.

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