Know where you’re not wanted…

Arum messes up Chavit’s name
Updated December 05, 2008 12:00 AM

LAS VEGAS – Luis “Chavit” Singson, the big-time supporter of Manny Pacquiao, must have felt so embarrassed.

But he tried not to show it.

In Wednesday’s press conference at the packed Hollywood Theater of the MGM Grand, the former governor of Ilocos Sur sat at the presidential table but was wrongfully introduced by Top Rank big boss Bob Arum.

Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times wrote that Arum “absolutely butchered the introduction of a Filipino dignitary” but added that “Arum’s linguistic battle was so hilarious, I was crying, as were other reporters at my table.”

Here’s what happened.

Arum was doing the roll-call of those seated beside Pacquiao, from trainer Freddie Roach to lawyer Franklin Gacal and matchmaker Wakee Salud when he missed the name of Singson, a very powerful man back home.

Arum gently walked to his left and leaned toward Pacquiao asking for the name of the former governor who can’t be missed with his bright orange long-sleeved shirt.

Arum returned to the microphone and said, “We also have sitting next to Wakee a very famous personage from the Philippines… Governor Takasan… Taka-Jingson… whatever.”

And there was laughter.

To Singson it wasn’t funny at all.- Abac Cordero

True, Chavit was the only one who didn’t find it funny. But hasn’t he noticed? No one wants him there.

He has been tagging along with Manny Pacquiao for the longest time, with his bee-like eyewear and flamboyant colors… For what? Yes, I agree, he is a freaking powerful man in the north of the Philippines. But what is his business following Manny Pacquiao around? Raising his hand everytime the boxer wins his bouts, and trying his hardest to get into every frame, every photo beside Pacquiao.

Never will any Filipino  associate Chavit with Pacquiao… Hmm… Maybe if he volunteers to take in the punches the Golden Boy will throw at the PacMan come fight night (Sunday morning, Manila time). But besides that, his chances are slim to none.

Just a tiny plea…

Dear Governor, please pay your respects to our sports hero. You have your own kingdom in Ilocos Sur.

Your own ring, own throne, own belt…


Stay there.


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