Square-off: PacMan Meets the Golden Boy

Sunday Morning, Manila time.. The whole of the Philippines will be a virtual ghost town. Even the Mindanao hostilities will be at a truce. Not even the sitting President can do this. Keep the country still, not even for a tick of the clock.

Only the PacMan can..

He comes face to face with the Golden Boy, Oscar dela Hoya in what is shaping up to be one of the most highly-anticipated fights in recent history. I have not been up to date with the latest developments of this fight. But just today, I am scouring the Net for a chance to watch the match live online, as I have, with Pacquiao’s last three fights.

I have only profound admiration for Manny Pacquiao, for his killer instincts and dedication for his craft. I don’t really care what he does off the ring. What matters is the gallant image of the Pinoy fighter that the whole world comes to see, the moment he steps on the canvas.

It is amazing what this diminutive boxer has done for the morale of an ailing nation. Quite cinematic, almost untrue. But it is almost a national holiday in the Philippines when Pacquiao puts on his glove and steps on the global stage.  At least, in his 12 rounds or less, we are one nation. No Tagalog, No Cebuano, Ilocano or Moro. Just Filipinos, behind our dear Manny Pacquiao.

Go PacMan..


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