Dear Ogie,











As the pre-season curtain draws up, you are nowhere in sight, donning the red and white… Ogie, Ogie, where must you be??

I heard that you decided not to assume your role as King Lion, one that is now rightfully yours. I step back in time, reminiscing when you made the dramatic leap, from Red Cub to Red Lion. You made a splash then, as you put to an end the mass exodus of Bedan juniors who opted for “greener” pastures in the UAAP. You made the Bedan faithful smile again, as you pledged your loyalty to our dear alma mater. From then on, only great things came for San Beda. Championships, back to back to back. Nationwide acclaim, media attention left and right. All through out your Bedan career, you never lost your nitty gritty, for each and every game you played. Your overzealousness was at times hard to swallow. But in countless occasions, it was your warrior spirit that redeemed us from defeat.

Now you decide to leave the Den. We reluctantly accept, mindful that maybe it is not the right decision, not the right time. But it is your life, your future, all right… I just want to say with all regret that, dear Ogie, this year may have been your defining moment in the NCAA. Your star may have shone the brightest on this stage. This stepping stone might have been your pass to the high draw on the rookie draft. Your stint with the national team might have written your name amongst the sporting greats. Then again, it is your life, your future.

Perhaps what’s left is a proper farewell, and our most sincere wishes. With your departure, you close one of the most glorious chapters of San Beda basketball, the era of the Lionheart. For spending the best years of your life in San Beda, we will be forever grateful. All the best to San Beda’s own LBJ, Rogemar “Ogie” Menor. Godspeed.


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