10 is NCAA’s Magic Number

Good news! Read on from Inboundpass’ Josef Ramos

It will be 10 teams in NCAA Season 85

by Josef Ramos

TEN teams will comprise this NCAA Season 85 after three teams have formally accepted their  invitation to appear as guests.

League president Fr. Mat de Jesus, OSB, of San Beda on Friday made the announcement following the decision of Arellano University, Angeles University Foundation and Emilio Aguinaldo College to accept the conditions that have been previously set by the league regarding their entry in 2009.

“All three schools accepted the invitation and conditions so we’re having 10 teams this season,” Fr. de Jesus, OSB told inboundpass.

In a two-page letter, all three schools agreed to field teams not just in basketball but in five other mandatory sports — football, swimming, volleyball, cheerleading and centerpiece athletics — with an option of joining other disciplines on a voluntary basis.

Arellano, AUF and EAC also agreed to pay a guest fee amounting to P1.5 million plus a bond of P500,000, which will be refunded at the conclusion of the season provided none of them will not incur any penalties.

The guest teams would have to abide by the NCAA constitution and by-laws, ground rules and all other league rules and regulations and respect the decisions of the Policy Board and Management Committee chaired by Fr. De Jesus and Jose Mari Lacson, respectively, of host San Beda College.

In case of legal disputes, the school athletes, coaches and other team officials must agree to arbitrate any and all cases that may arise from fielding a team in Season 85. Fr. De Jesus quickly stressed that being guest teams is entirely different from having member-school status.

“The Policy Board, by inviting your school to field guest teams in Season 85, is not admitting your school as a member of the NCAA or giving due course to your application,” said Fr. De Jesus.

“The process of selecting additional NCAA members is entirely separate and distinct from the fielding of guest teams and this invitation is not a precedent in future seasons,” he further added.

Fr. De Jesus also said that Philippine Christian University (PCU), which took an indefinite leave of absence this year, may reapply this season for inclusion in Season 86.


First, a warm and RED Carpet welcome to the three new guest members of the NCAA! Congratulations for starting ur NCAA with San Beda College (University soon) as your gracious host…

The NCAA now is a bigger wackier bunch than ever before. This, of course, translates to a longer season, bigger gate receipts and bigger crowds! Isn’t this a brilliant move for the NCAA Policy Board and Management Committee?? With everything I have said to these two supervisory bodies of the NCAA, I honestly didn’t know you guys had it in you.. But then, pardon me!  I almost forgot, we rule the board room now!

Ushering in new blood into an age old league must have gone through a lot of negotiation, and opposition, I can surmise. But if you want to get things done, or to initiate change, decisions must be made. Time to rock the boat peeps. And San Beda did…

Honestly, I didn’t really give much thought as to who will end up being chosen as the guest teams. But from what I read, they will be bound by reasonable and fair conditions. To pay a bond, to participate in 6 mandatory sports and join the juniors division. This will benefit stiffer competition not only in basketball but also in the other sports. Congrats to the movers of this initiative!

At this point, I still couldn’t begin to imagine what this season would be like. But this will automatically increase the crowds and TV viewership! Now with the UAAP reportedly moving to a new home. Studio 23 is left to prep up the NCAA coverage. How about a weekend playdate? Honestly, with or without TV coverage, NCAA fans would most gladly troop to the Arena (also San Beda’s favored venue, from what I hear) to watch our teams play. I think this would be a sound concession. With San Beda seated on the bargaining table, I hope that these thoughts will be brought into the discussion.

It’s an exciting season ahead. We rule! And this year, we make the rules!!! Hahahaha


Animo San Beda!


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