Charice sings Star Spangled Banner at Dodgers Game

Idol talaga kita, Charice!!


2 thoughts on “Charice sings Star Spangled Banner at Dodgers Game

  1. kayumanggi says:

    what i don’t understand is this: why is a successful and talented Filipino, who obviously can make it and shine, still be a slave to other nationalities (particularly America)?

    why don’t we Filipinos have that pride in us, that we can afford to sing other nation’s national anthem? aren’t numerous dometic helpers enough? isn’t exploitation of Filipinas by foreigners enough? that even our brightest stars, who are supposedly standing up for us to be known, are slowly loosing their identity as Filipinos by owning what isn’t theirs.

    i dream that one day, this “nation of slaves” as they call it, would awake and stand proud of who they are and realize that “not all the world is America, the world is where you are” – Smokey Mountain.

  2. michecesa says:

    Hi kayumanggi,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Sad to say, a little girl like Charice, equipped with a phenomenal voice and Filipino charm, had very little chance to make it big in the Philippines. She was the typical looking Pinay lass who showbiz peeps would not even care to take a second look at. As you know, her mother station back home had her from the minute she joined a talent show but did not give her the slimmest chance for a break. And now that Oprah and David Foster are going crazy over her, it is only now that she is getting the attention that she long deserved.

    It is our colonial mentality that has brought us further down. We only agree to the excellence of Filipino talent, once other nations, especially the US, has validated this claim. It is as if, they are to decide first that we are good, or exceptional. The experiences of Lea Salonga, Manny Pacquiao can speak for this observation.

    Though painful to accept, it is still a long hard road for us until we can, on our own, stand proud of our heritage, of our country.

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