Gettin’ Back to the Red Army Groove

I woke up this morning, itching to write a post on my dormant blog. Oh what the pre-season could do to a Red Army fanatic… And perhaps how Rick Olivarez gave my day a jumpstart… Darn, I just cant wait to resume my blogging duties!!

Yesterday, the Red Lions lost to a well-oiled UE machine 69-62 in the ongoing Fil-oil Flying V Pre-season Invitational MVP Cup. (Whew!) It was San Beda’s third game since Saturday. They looked tired and out of sync. Well, no excuses. They lost to a better team. Was it Lawrence Chongson’s debut as UE coach? Well, congrats to the new coach and welcome to the collegiate wars..

A second look at San Beda’s lineup for next season.. No more Ekwe, Escobal, Menor. I know what’s going on in everybody’s mind. What is left of the ruins? And to this I say, lots… Lots of lesser known names, but those with big hearts remain. Remember that these boys are three peat victors. Championship experience will propel them. But the likes of Gamalinda, Tecson, Marcelo, Pascual, Taganas, Tirona and Lanete have to step up, BIGTIME. The big names are no longer around to drill in the game winning baskets.  The shadows you’ve been chasing have gone on. It’s your turn to shine on the grand stage!

It is interesting to acquaint ourselves with the new faces of Bedan basketball. With Ekwe and Escobal graduation (see my next post) and Ogie Menor left to watch his former teammates from the bleachers (yes, he was there the past two games to see them play), here lies the ultimate test for Coach Frankie Lim. And that is how from these role players he can mold a formidable and championship caliber team. If they play well and in sync, what a beauty to watch them play! The opposing team would not know who the spark will be or who merits the double team. But on a bad day, who will pick up the cudgels and slash the lanes? Who will save the day? 

And so… For this year’s pre-season, I post this urgent announcement:


From the Red Army to our beloved Red Lions, Red Alert to BamBam Gamalinda and JR Tecson:

Be not afraid.

Rise this season as this team’s leaders.

Remember with your every shot and every hustle, the team will rise and fall with you.

And everytime you hesitate, the team hesitates with you.

While it is a mystery as to how our team will shape up, so it is too, to our opponents. How will Animo Cuatro play out??


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