If a picture paints a thousand words….

This one paints one in bold, red letters….. BEDAN.

Luis Alfonso “LA” Revilla is one of the many San Beda Red Cubs who honed their basketball skills under the tutelage of the great mentor Ato Badolato. In 2007, he joined the De La Salle University Green Archers and as a rookie point guard, led them to a runner up finish in the 71st season of the UAAP. Much like his elder brothers, JV Casio and RenrenRitualo who came before, he was among the “ones that got away” who have jumped off the NCAA fence to lift their UAAP schools to basketball glory. These departures from the San Beda basketball program have always been bittersweet, since leaving most often amounts to forgetting. But those named, and the one that appears above, beg to disagree.

During the last Fil-oil Flying V Pre-season Cup, this image of LA touched a soft spot in the hearts of the Bedans who witnessed the San Beda-De La Salle match-up. When the San Beda band blew its horns to play the Bedan hymn, LA stepped forward to distinguish himself from his Green Archer teammates, proudly raised his fist and joined in paying homage to our Alma Mater. His teammates in green were bewildered by the gesture. But the Bedans not.

With LA’s affirmation, we were all reminded that,

Wherever we go,

Whatever we end up to be,

We may wear green or dress up in blue…

But the red that runs in our blood will never fade.

Ito ang tatak ng tunay na Bedista! Animo LA Revilla!

Go San Beda Fight!

P.S. Many thanks to Third Garcia for LA’s photo. For extensive photo coverage of the NCAA and San Beda activities, visit and

** Latest news is that LA Revilla is no longer part of the lineup of the De La Salle Green Archers for Season 72, due to medical reasons. Here’s hoping for LA’s recovery from his medical concerns. Your Bedan community shall stand beside you through your trials. Godspeed!



  1. lechon de leon says:

    how about Gutilban’s case? are you going to give him the same praise? he was a bedan too right? or do you discriminate bedans?

    • michecesa says:

      Thanks lechon for visiting my site.

      LA is a symbol of red blooded Bedans who venture in different territories, yet never forget their Bedan roots.

      Yes, Gutilban is a Bedan. Despite the fact that he has moved to archrival territory, he has remained friends with his Bedan contemporaries. Likewise,he has earned the respect of Bedan fans for his never-say-die attitude.

      True Bedans never discriminate. We were taught by our elders to embrace and include.


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