Sometimes, you are in dire need of  a massage. But you are too tired, or too lazy to go out? Never mind the spa ambiance, my muscles are screaming for some TLC!!

The exact feeling swept over me yesterday, as I was bothered by an irritating stiff neck. And it was too hot to go outside. There was only one solution to my big, big problem… A home massage service.

My friend told me that Dial-A-Massage was good, but in my web search, I reckoned they just service in the Quezon City area. I was down to two choices within our area, Azanna Wellness and Zen Asia. I have tried Ahavia Spa several times, which incidentally was a partner of Azanna. So I figured I should try Zen Asia.

So I found the website, http://www.zenasiaspa.com. The words that immediately caught my attention were, “Strictly Massage Only!” Hmmm, legitimate enough. I called them immediately. I called at 12 nn, and then the operator said that they could send someone over at 2pm. I just gave her my name and address. And she asked for landmarks nearby. Then we ended the call. Short, sweet transaction. I asked myself, could it be this easy?

So, the therapist, Precy, came at 2:15. I opted for the 2 hour ZenAsia Massage. I told her to concentrate on my stiff neck. And I was suffering with bad colds yesterday. She asked me if I had a vaporub, so she could massage my head and sinuses to soothe me. Very professional yet considerate. I seldom doze off to sleep during a massage, but I found myself taking a power nap when she started massaging my head. And then I stopped sniffing! Wow, even for just a while, I was healed!

Two hours after, I felt the need to sleep. I was very satisfied with my treatment. I highly recommend the fast, easy service of Zen Asia Spa. Their main spa is in Makati, but they service different areas around the Metro. What’s even amazing is that they accept calls 24 hours a day! Yey!!!

You can check their website for more information about their treatments and services. Now, a good and soothing massage is just a phone call away!

Zen Asia Spa

Greenhills / Ortigas / Mandaluyong / Quezon City
Areas Please Call: 725-3585, 0915-88-555-89

Makati / Malate, Greater Manila
Areas Please Call: 562-3601, 0915-8681885

Makati Spa House
Bautista St. Corner Dayap St., Palanan Village, Makati City
Areas Please Call: 552-7313, 09178258225




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