It’s been almost five months since my last blog post… Long time huh?

To my Red Lion fanatic readership, have you gotten over the fact that Beda (sorry to the purists who prefer calling our school San Beda) got dethroned by Baste?

What have I done lately?

Was in New York three months…

Now in DC and VA sightseeing… Off to SFO and Vegas in the next weeks. Due to touch down in MNL in early Feb.

What I absolutely love about Springfield, VA. Two things:

1. The slug line (official term: High Occupancy Vehicles III [HOV-3]) Lane. Mighty convenient evading the rush hour traffic. A fast smooth ride. Did I mention it is free too???

I also think it’s so posh to say “I’ll go slug my way home this afternoon.”

Rather than saying… Hitchhike, coz it sounds so in the 1980s.

2. That the sales tax is 4.5%.

After the NCAA Championship ’09, I did makeup lessons. Shot photos around NYC, had some few friends over. Didn’t think I’d be interested again to follow NCAA Season 86. Now that Baste is hosting it. And also that they wanna be season host and back-to-back champion this year… For this, I say. On the record, it has been long aimed for, but never attained. Good luck nalang sa kanila.

But the Red Cubs are now the ones gunning for back-to-back. And the Red Lions, guns ablazing to steal the crown back.

I was wrong. I am still interested. As soon as I started receiving some kinda buzz from the far eastern part of the world.

So 2010 (I believe in French, they say it like “Deux milles, dix”)…. BRING IT ON!!

I hope to keep this blog up.. And to keep the posts coming.

Coz I have a lot of things running through my head lately. That I thought about I have to unload them somewhere. I guess this webspace will be good.

Hey peeps, Happy New Year! “Moving up!” is again ALIVE AND KICKING!!


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