Turning Japanese!

Ive been craving all Japanese lately. I don’t even remember how many times I’ve visited my super favorite Japanese restaurant Nihonbashi-Tei in the last month. It’s just amazing to find a gem of a Japanese restaurant without breaking the bank. And those goodies landing on your table in a flash, watching them disappear in a jiff.

Yummy Nigiri Sushi, if you just cant go on a day without sushi. A steal at P280

Ebi tempura (P380)

Clam and butter heaven. All these for P180.

Grilled Saba Shioyaki just brings back my fondest lunch memories in Japan. At P380, that’s probably the cheapest astral travel ever!

But this is my star. Spicy Toro Maki. P180

Everytime we go to Nihonbashi-tei, we order all these. We observe absolute silence and just eat. After 15-20 minutes, we call the waitress and ask for the bill. Talking about wasting no time!

Visit them at 806 Arnaiz Ave., Pasay Rd. Makati City, Metro Manila. Call (02) 818-8893 for reservations.

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