Kapeng Barako goes Mainstream

Over the weekend, I was able to visit my father’s hometown Lipa City. I haven’t been there for years! And I was surprised how much it has changed. Quite frankly, I dont remember how it was before. I’m ashamed to admit, the only familiar place to me was the public cemetery. Back in my younger days, we only visit Lipa during All Saints’ Day.

It took a funeral to bring me back to Lipa. And looking at the brighter side of things, I was happy to be back there. To see that it turned out to be a bustling city, and at night, it gives you the breeze that makes you miss Tagaytay.

Everytime I pass by the STAR Tollway, I always give the Petron gasoline station a second look because of this:

I had always been curious by it, but never spent time to explore it. When I found out from my friend, it is THE  place to go for Kapeng Barako, I went ahead and gave it a shot.

Cafe de Lipa is a family owned coffee shop, the same family who owns the biggest coffee plantation in Batangas, legend has it 😀

As soon as I entered, I went straight to the counter and ordered a short Barako Joe, its trademark blend and a Tablea Revel Bar.

The cup of coffee costs P50 and the Revel Bar P49. Tell me where in Manila can you get this snack at this price???

The interior is hip and cozy. It made me mighty glad that the Kapeng Barako had gone mainstream.

I encourage everyone to support a homegrown coffee shop to compete with multinational coffee shop chains. I am inspired by the example of Balzac coffee in Germany which kicked Starbucks a** in the consumer coffee market.

I know that you no longer need to trek the STAR tollway to get a cup of Barako Joe as Cafe de Lipa now has branches within the Metro. However, Im not sure if they were able to keep their prices this low.

So go and grab a cup of Barako Joe at Cafe de Lipa 😀


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