San Beda Letran Game Ends with a Walkout

These two teams never run out of dramatic stories to tell. In today’s Fil-Oil Preseason game pitting the archrivals, the afternoon turned out sizzling for all those who came and saw the match.

At the 6:44 mark in the third quarter, when San Beda led Letran 53-44, topscoring Kevin Alas was called for his fifth personal foul. He marched to his bench, holding on to the ball. He then passed on the ball to his dad, Coach Louie Alas, who then threw the ball high up in the air. He was imposed a warning for doing so. Assistant Coach Ed Cordero was heckling the referees and Alas from the San Beda bench, egging them to instead call a technical on Alas. At this point, all hell broke loose. The Letran bench zoomed over to the San Beda side. It later turned into an almost rumble. Cooler heads however prevailed. The technical committee and the referees on board decided to throw out both Alas and Cordero. Then, the Letran bench headed to the dugout, and forfeited the game.

In most of the recent games of San Beda Letran, Coach Louie ends up always losing his cool. It’s a major story to take home, or to read in the papers. But really, shouldn’t he be setting a better example to his players? He’s supposed to be the last one to go berserck. Instead, it’s his players who’s keeping him from surging to the other side.

Will we see this happening again in the next NCAA season? Your guess is as good as mine…


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