Concert Nights at Bryant Park

All I knew about Bryant Park then was that it was the place where they hold Fashion Week. I would pass by it on my way to work or those times I came to stroll down Fifth Avenue.

During weekdays in the Fall, I went there to enjoy the music and cultural events that take place. That day, we came to see the students at Carnegie Hall perform. Watching open air concerts made me think I was in one of my favorite movies August Rush!

People would sit on the grass and enjoy the breezy weather and the wonderful music, and the great sights surrounding them!

The great music lulled this man to sleep.

While others brought their picnic fare and picnic mats, I, on the other hand, turned to an old reliable…

My Chipotle meal of Steak Burrito, Chips and Guacamole, and a soda!!! Yummy yum!

Now this is what you call “THE” Concert at the Park.

One of those great date nights I had with NYC 😀

2 thoughts on “Concert Nights at Bryant Park

    • michecesa says:

      Hi Bedan,

      Thanks for your message. I miss blogging about our dear Red Lions. It’s a day before the big match against Baste. That definitely merits a blog post!

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