August 18,2010: San Beda v. San Sebastian

A repeat of the heartbreaking finals episode of last season. I fearlessly forecast a different outcome this time.

It is a game like this that makes you wish, days turn into hours, hours into minutes, minutes into seconds. It makes you wonder why why why Tuesdays have to come before Wednesdays! Okay, now you get my drift.

I want to see Calvin Abueva get fried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*According to unconfirmed reports, Abueva was given a stern warning for his conduct as evidenced by this clip. I couldnt help looking the other way when watching this video!!! This was definitely worth a suspension! Worse than getting punched in the face, I’d say.

But read this:

Season host= San Sebastian

Top candidate for MVP= Abueva

1 game suspension=DQ from the MVP race.

I think the algorithm makes everything clear enough.

Anyone who honestly believes Calvin “The Beast” Abueva is 22 years old or young enough to play in the NCAA must be dreaming. I hate his face, but more than that, I hate him so much, coz he plays so well. And for tomorrow, I hope and pray that the San Beda defense will throw him a nightmare. I hope Marcelo, Daniels, the Pascuals and Semerads are ready, although I doubt looking at their angelic faces is anywhere close to a nightmare. I’m dreading to see Bulawan’s pa-innocent face. Calling Borgie Hermida, watch out for landmines on the court, a.k.a. Pamboy Raymundo’s foot innocently waiting to trip you. I tell you, this game will be a mad, mad scramble.

I’m all excited for a Golden Stag throwdown. Are you?

This is war.

All I need now is a lucky red outfit.

Go San Beda Fight!!!!!


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