Tale of the Wrong Uniform: Juniors edition

Though belatedly, I will protest another sneaky tactic employed in the NCAA. To San Beda, when will we ever learn?

In an article in the Manila Bulletin, last July 23, 2010, it read:

Stags tie Lion for NCAA lead


Meanwhile, the Management Commitee forfeited the San Beda Red Cubs’ 86-71 win over the Letran Squires on Wednesday after one of their players wore a wrong uniform.

ManCom handed down the verdict on Friday, a day after commissioner Aric Del Rosaro called the attention of the ManCom concerning Baser Amer’s wrong uniform in that game, which did not bear the logo of one of the league’s sponsors. The forfeiture thus dealt the defending champions their first loss in four games.”

I don’t understand why they even let the players finish a game like this, when they have noticed the infraction, apparently, during gametime.  Once they notice such a thing, they should halt the game and forfeit right away. This will spare the players for any injury that might occur, by continuing to play in a game that will eventually be forfeited. Did they ever think of that?

And yes, it makes San Beda look stupid because we are always found to commit these mistakes. We should have an inhouse Committee on Uniform to painstakingly check if the players wear the proper uniform.

But at the end of it all, it barely made a dent to the record of the erstwhile undefeated Red Cubs. And even if that game was played several times over, Baser Amer will still run circles around the Squires. I tell you, this Baser Amer is the next big name soon to splash into college basketball. Mark my word, and remember this face.

(Baser Amer, seen her in a red San Beda jersey, flanked by legendary Coach Ato Badolato and now San Beda Red Lion Dave Moralde)


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