Problems in Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates? WE CAN HELP!

If birth, marriage or death NSO records bear the wrong information…

If you have been advised to go to your Local Civil Registrar…

Or if you need a lawyer to file a case for correction of entry in court…


Vital Event Records Certified, Inc (VERified) is a professional service company composed of civil registration, legal and IT experts. We offer advisory, consulting, and reasonably-valued legal services regarding problematic birth, marriage and death certificates.

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10 thoughts on “Problems in Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates? WE CAN HELP!

  1. may rose says:

    hello i would like to ask i been changing the clerical error on my marriage contract they misspelled my middle name. I been processing it since last march 2012. Then im done with the court hearing, i went to the local civil registrar here in my city, I done paying the money order too at the post office,. My question is when could i be able to get the online correction of my marriage contract at the NSO? Hope you can help me. I do really really needed. Hope you can response me as soon as possible.. Thank you

    • michecesa says:

      You will have to check with the local civil registrar where you filed the petition, whether the petition has been approved. We also advice you to obtain a copy of the approval of the petition, and the certificate of finality.

      You might also have to apply for the NSO copy of the corrected marriage certificate in the NSO central office, just to make sure that the procedure has gone its due course.

  2. jhong04 says:

    its been 29 long year that i have been suffering and thinking about the correction of my original birth certificate registered in sta. ana manila municipal and NSO where my parents told me and i also notice it when i got old that my records in birth certificate has an correction to do: where my name is jose elmer sayo batUlam jr was become jose elmer sayo batOlan jr. how would correct this error??where am i suppose to go first for correcting it..

  3. jonard says:

    hi michecesa!

    just got married last february this year in philippine embassy here in abroad.. the problem with my marriage certificate was, i found out that my place of birth was wrong instead of ”quezon city” it was ”caloocan” city which is my permanent address in the philippines. i need this document for my sponsorship application to canada.,my wife is the principal applicant.

    my question is,is it a big deal on my application?
    how could i fix my place of birth?
    does it take too long to fix it?
    do i need a court hearing?

    please advice! i really need your help…

    thanks and god bless..

    • michecesa says:

      Pwede pong magrequest ng clear copy sa civil registrar kung saan kayo pinanganak. You may also call 7051265/7051277, Mon-Fri, from 10 am to 5pm for more details.

  4. francis says:

    hi michecesa! ask ko lang po panu ang gagawin ko kung panu mawawala ang late registration ko sa record ng municipal registral, nag 2 po kasi ang birthcertificate ko gawa po ngayun na hihirapan po ako mag pa renew ng passport..

  5. Agnes says:

    Good evening!ano po ang gagawin ko,yong aking NSO pareha yong apelyedo ko at sa mama ko..dapat Maiden name yong entry ng mama ko pro sa nso q married name yong nka sulat kaya pareho kmi nang middle at last name..anong dapat kong gawin.

  6. liza says:

    Actually galing na po ako sa Local Registry Office kung saan sya pinanganak. Meron din daw ang anak ko na late registration besides the maling birth cert na nakalagay eh baligtad na surname at middle name ko. They are charging me 6,000 kung gusto ng mabilisan. Would that be possible?

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