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The Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR), or otherwise known as the Certificate of Singleness, is that issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) that a certain individual does not have a record of marriage under his/her name.

Legally, the CENOMAR is not a requisite to contract marriage. Nor is it required for that certain individual to present the CENOMAR for a marriage license before the local civil registrar. But recently, some LCR offices begin to include this in the list of requirements in applying for a marriage license. Some parishes require this document for applicants who would like to get married in their church. It may also be required if your future spouse is applying for a fiancee visa in your behalf. Moreover, Philippine embassies may also list the CENOMAR as a requirement for Filipino nationals to secure a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage. It is, in essence, a proof issued by a government agency to certify the single status of a person.

Upon application by the individual of a CENOMAR with the NSO or any of its authorized agents (Serbilis, Teleserv or E-Census), and a record of marriage appears across that name, a CENOMAR will not issue. Instead, the marriage certificate evidencing the same shall be issued.

If the said individual indeed contracted marriage, but was subsequently annulled, the CENOMAR shall reflect the said recorded marriage. The individual must produce the necessary documents that will prove the annulment as final and executory, and the said judgment reflected in the marriage certificate. (Certificate of Finality of the Judgment, Annotated Marriage Certificate issued by the NSO,etc). These documents must be annexed to the CENOMAR, for it to be accepted by the requesting authorities.

What pieces of information are needed in getting a CENOMAR?

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Number or copies needed
  • Purpose for the certification
  • Complete name of the father
  • Complete maiden name of the mother
  • Complete name of the person to be certified
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party

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  1. Sean Wayne Ayala says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po, kumuha kasi ako ng cenomar, tama lahat ng details except sa year of birth ko. Instead na 1988, 1989 nakalagay. Year 2006 po kasi ako kinasal pero hiwalay na ngayun.. Lumalabas na 17 lang ako that time. Please help,!! TY

    • michecesa says:

      Do you have a copy of your marriage certificate? Does it reflect the correct birth date?

      You might need a court case to resolve this, and require the help of a lawyer.

      Please contact our office at 7051265/7051277 for an appointment with a specialist. Bring your documents so we can advise you accordingly.

      Thank you.

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