Dreams Made of DOUGH

I think it is but apt to begin my blogging rebirth with a feature that has given me sleepless nights. No, it is not a new love. But you could also say so. The thought of them makes my knees weak. And I would jump on a plane to New York just for them. I don’t know the spell it cast over me, but maybe many who have tried it will understand.

Hello Dough..

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I was an unsuspecting newbie, when a friend took me there. When I saw the signage from afar, the first thing I noticed was a long queue that snaked out of the tiny spot. I waited till my friend arrived, pretending to look at merchandise at the adjacent Muji shop. When she got to me, she said, “why didn’t you start queuing??” And I said, “Will we line up.. Just for donuts??”. And she said, “Hell, yeah!”

I first saw Dough a few days back when I visited a food market in Brooklyn. The line was just as long. I said the same thing to myself. Nope. Not lining up for donuts.

So I saw the variants, and I was amazed at the selection. It was difficult to make up my  mind until we took our turn at the counter.

Various Doughnuts for the Taking

Various Doughnuts for the Taking

But when the cashier stared at mind, I could only say one thing….

          LEMON GINGER!

Lemon Ginger Glaze

It was a donut like no other. True to its name, it was doughy. I loved chewing into it, with the sweet, tarty mix that the lemon and ginger gave. I could not forget my first bite to this day. I hated myself for being on a diet, and hated myself all the more for not taking out a few pieces for future consumption.

I have these photos to remind me of the day I met Dough, and the dreams that these Dough-nuts make.

14 West 19th Street, Manhattan, New York, NY 10011


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