10 Things You Need To Know About Your NSO Birth Certificate (Part 2)

6. Corrections are not for free:

Many times these errors are not entirely the document owner’s fault. Sadly, these errors need to be corrected at the client’s expense. The NSO Birth Certificate began to become widely available only in the early 2000’s. Before that, we rely on baptismal certificates, affidavits of discrepancy, school records, etc., for identification or even for passports and visas. It is entirely a different scenario, fast forward into 2015. Our government has put in place laws to assist us in these corrections. But bad news is, there is almost always a fee for it.

7. Authenticate it? No more:

Until the 90s, we are usually required to submit an authenticated copy of our birth certificate. What this means is that the copy of our birth record is attested to by a government agency that the details we find there are true, correct and authentic. However, we can no longer secure that now, even if we request directly to the NSO. The DFA and Embassies and all other government offices, only accept the NSO Birth Certificate that is printed on security paper (SECPA)

8. Annotations on your NSO Birth Certificate:

When an error has been corrected, don’t be surprised if you are not issued a brand new and clean NSO birth certificate. The original entry will not be erased from your record. Instead, what will appear is a marginal annotation, either on the side or bottom of the document. This will tell you that the entry has been corrected.

9. Publication? Why?:

You might be surprised that some corrections require publication in a newspaper. These are changes in first name, correction in gender or birthdate. You might think that these are your private details and cannot be known to everybody. But to the contrary, the government needs assurance that you are not undergoing these changes because of fraud or of escaping liability. Therefore, the public must know, and the best way this can be done is by publishing a notice in a newspaper of general publication.

10. When paper can be gold:

Your NSO birth certificate is perhaps the most important piece of paper you will ever own. It is your ticket to going to school, finding work, reaping social security benefits, travelling abroad, inheriting your family legacies, opening a bank account. Opportunities are endless for you, if you have a correct and authentic NSO birth certificate. I assure you, any investment you place in making sure it is intact and correct will be all worth it.

Please call VERified for an appointment to a complete birth certificate assessment by one of our specialists at (02) 7051265/70651277.


One thought on “10 Things You Need To Know About Your NSO Birth Certificate (Part 2)

  1. Limsky Me says:

    Hi, Good day. I am Sachnie Arquita Zaballero, I file for petition for clerical error here in our LCR, binigyan na po ako ng Certificate of Finality and the reciept of the courier. Tanong ko lang po sana ang lead time para maCorrect na yung Birth Certificate or yung Annotated Copy Birth Certificate? Thank you!

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