Shake Shack It!

Shake Shack is such a successful franchise, it is very inspiring to discover its humble beginnings. From being a hotdog stand on Madison Square Park, it has blossomed into a player in the burger joint stakes, with branches in the US and around the world.

I first tried Shake Shack in 2009, and it left me with a lasting impression. That I had to go back and pay my homage during my visit in October. My heart is partial to the Upper West Side branch, it’s the one that I went to in both occasions.

It still draws the crowd, despite its many branches around Manhattan. I patiently waited for my burger, while having a free taste of the Chocolate Frozen Custard on line.

My Shake Shack Wait

My Shake Shack Wait

My EQ (emotional quotient) had to come into play, as I waited for this to light up. In a matter of minutes, I had my hands on this baby.. I have to admit it is not the best burger I ever tasted. We could come up with better handcrafted burgers at home. But a lot of memories come back to me with every bite I take of my Shake Shack burger. It feels good that you know where the ingredients of your stash comes from. I honor the connection that you afford to have between the farmer/producer to the consumer. And that experience you don’t get in the Philippines everyday.

Yummy awesome burger goodness!

Yummy awesome burger goodness!

And I heard great news, that later this year, Shake Shack is coming to the Philippines!

Together with a lot of other well-known franchises like Famous Halal Guys, Wolfgang Puck Steakhouse, Manila is fast becoming a food haven for all things foreign. Is it really easier to sell international cuisine, than our very own? If you ask me though, I’d much rather have a lot more choices for Filipino food fare than all of these foreign franchises invading our shore.

But I won’t deny it, I’ll be happy to indulge in Shake Shack when it hits the Metro!


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