Market Love for La Boqueria

Ibeen years since my first and only visit to Barcelona. Yet its vivid colors and upbeat tempo still resonate in my memory. When I think of this city, I think of it as warm and fiery. Even if we visited Barca in December, this is how I will always remember it. It is also one of the traiblazers in the world food scene, thanks to Ferran Adria and his advocates. But I consider myself traditional in my taste in food. Molecular gastronomy, while I am amused by it,  I’d much rather have my meals huge, hearty and family style. With that in mind, nothing tops my great Barca experience than my visit to Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria…

The Entrance

The Entrance

I don’t think I’ve ever visited a marketplace as historic as La Boqueria, which apparently dates back to the early 13th century. What history this palengke makes. But I tell you, it is nothing like the palengkes as we know it here in the Philippines. The colors of the fruits, vegetables, fresh produce here is just amazing. LaBoqueria3WM

It is nothing short of well…. eye candy…LaBoqueria2WM

All these shades of yellow and orange give off a festive mood, like pahiyas. It was just absolutely delightful!

After my visit to La Boqueria, I never looked at markets the same way again. A food trip there is a completely different story, as stalls and restaurants hide in its tiny pockets. I could not say much after the array of colors I presented before you. I now let these images linger with you, as much they did with me.

Shades of yellow and orange.. Citrusyy

Shades of yellow and orange.. Citrusyy

I hope to return to La Boqueria someday, sometime. Maybe this year?? *fingers crossed*


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