Superbowl XLIX Rants and Raves

It’s Superbowl Sunday in the US. I am not much of a football fanatic, but I know a bit about it. I watch a lot of American football movies and mostly love all of them.

To many, it’s all about the commercials, the halftime show. But as a lover of sport, I really want to learn about American football. Why it rules in the hearts of sports fans in the US, and how different it is from the other football, or soccer. This is an age-old debate. And the winner will depend on which part of the world the speaker comes from.

I hate that the Superbowl was not shown live on cable TV today. There was a pay-per-view offering on Cignal but I was not home anyway. Any unauthorized broadcast was also blocked on the Net. So I followed the match on Twitter and on the NFL website. I was so disappointed I did not watch it live. But I finally saw the entire game, thanks to a torrent I downloaded. It was an amazing game, controversial, nailbiting, record breaking. No one really had it in the bag, until the dying seconds. Definitely one for the books.

I also saw Katy Perry’s halftime performance. Props for the amazing effects, colorful, eyepopping costumes. But as for the singing? I thought Katy was nervous, or perhaps out of breath during her numbers. I know her voice was way more powerful than what I heard for that performance. Luckily, Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz did their short cameos mighty justice.

Glad for the Patriots and Tom Brady for winning one of the most hardly fought Superbowls in recent memory. I remembered watching a few but it was not half as epic as this. I read this article a week back and could not hide my admiration for the man of the moment.

Half the US must be rejoicing with him, and the other half, cursing him.. Congratulations to the NE Patriots!

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