The Brooklyn Food Fest Called Smorgasburg

Brooklyn has become a food haven for New Yorkers. Manhattan has become unfriendly, due to lack of space and skyrocketing rentals. There were many restaurants that sounded inviting to visit for a tourist like me. But nothing got my full attention until I heard the words FLEA. FOOD. MARKET.

So on a chilly November Saturday morning, I took the train to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg. A crafty play of words for a food feast at the Williamsburg side. That Saturday, I trekked to East River State Park. It was the second to the last Saturday before the Smorgasburg turns indoors to shelter itself from the cold. I followed the drones who were going toward the market. I walked and walked until I saw this sign.

Smorgasburg Outdoors

I looked around, to choose which stall I will line up for. While in deep thought, I was so thrilled when I saw this stall, that made me proud that Filipino cuisine was in the mix.

Lumpia Shack

My instinct told me to go where the longest lines are. My choices were trimmed down to two:

Milk Truck

Yes people were braving the cold to line up for grilled cheese sandwiches! The main draw is ooey gooey cheese mixed with various options, avocado, bacon, etc. Interesting, but I needed something more.

Mighty Quinn

Saturday suddenly turned into a cheat day, as soon as I laid eyes on Mighty Quinn, a New York Smoked Barbeque resto. Who could resist those sliders with meat on a cute little bun, with a touch of red chili and pickled onion?

Li'l Brisket

This is one of ’em days that I repeatedly told myself, “I will never turn vegetarian”.

This was the small slider that they served, slices of the fall off the bone, melt in your mouth pork heaven. I was tempted to get the bigger size, but after eating every bit of this masterpiece. $5 was all I needed to a wide grin and a happy tummy.

Smorgasburg View

Travelling is made of days like these. This was one of the best finds of my trip. And with these photos, it is a joy to relive the day I met Smorgasburg. 🙂


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